Nabin khadka

Nabin khadka is a social media entrepreneur, YouTuber, motivational speaker, leadership coach and soon-to-be author. Currently, he has founded Aspirey Pvt Ltd, a company that creates self-improvement content in various formats a 6 member organization that provides content marketing & digital marketing solutions of all kinds. The journey began in 2020, right after his graduation from business college. The YouTube channel Aspirey was originally supposed to be a tool to market his coaching start-up. Very soon, he realized that there is an even bigger game to be played in the domains of social media & digital marketing.

8 Rules For A Rich Life.

1. Invest in yourself Always Focus on improving yourself. Read more books start reading one book every single month. Listen to podcasts read biographies of great people. Don’t stop learning, Don’t stop listening. Keep bettering yourself and learn from every new experience you have. 2. Compare yourself only to your past self. Don’t make the …

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